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Hair Dryer Cap Towel Hair Wrap Towel

Hair Dryer Cap Towel Hair Wrap Towel

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Quick Dry Hair Towel Cap Features:

  • Hair Dryer Cap Towel is great for daily use for ladies
  • Help to dry your hair after bath.
  • Water absorbance and dry your hair easily after bath.
  • Washable & Durable towel material
  • Has button & loop for keeping it on securely.
  • Ultra lightweight design won’t strain your neck
  • Great for the beach or the pool
  • Ideal for travel and gym activities
  • Gentle on hair and skin for reducing the risk of split ends.
    Quick Drying Cap Towel -Quick Dry Microfibre Towel For Hair
    Our cap towels have been proved by most our customers thatt hey are much helpful for drying hair quickly to cut down on hair-damaging blow drying with electric hair blower, as the biggest advantageof the hair turban is its super strong absorption.

    100% microfiber hair drying towel, ultra fine and super comfortable! Very gentle to your hair and skin!

    Perfect for hair that is long or short, thick, curly, fine, delicate.

    Available for women and men, adults and children


    Keep your head warm and cozy

    A button is designed for easily and conveniently fixing the cap on your head.

    After washing your hair, wrap it in the towel and secure it with the button. You can be sure the hair towel will not slipping off.




    Easy to use

    1. Bend to let your hair hang down, put hair towel on your head (the end with button).

    2. Wrap your hair with the hanging part of the towel while twisting it.

    3. Loop the towel and fix it with the button.




    Hair Dryer Cap Towel- Hair Wrap Cap Towel- Microfibre
    Hair Dryer Cap Towel- Hair Wrap Cap Towel- Microfibre

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